A typical Fraud Risk Management ("FRM") program should include the development, implementation and monitoring of a fraud prevention, fraud detection and fraud response program. These activities are pro-active and reactive in nature and addresses fraud risk at different levels within the ethics-compliance environment. We offer topical awareness education in these areas aimed at providing some theoretical, and practical examples in support of their FRM efforts.

The delegate shall at the completion of this module, have a deeper understanding of Bribery and Corruption in the South African and International context. The delegate will also acquire an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the subtle differences and similarities between bribery and Corruption, and its application by the corrupted and corrupters', bribers and the bribed. The delegate should be able to identify behaviours that may be indicative of potential corrupt relationships and should further be able to define both bribery and corruption in the business environment whether related to transacting in or between Government and/or private sector entities. 

Practical examples provided should further contribute to the delegate‚Äôs ability to identify, respond to, and relate to certain behaviours, and corrupt activities within his/her environments. This awareness module offers three continuous professional development hours upon successful completion. 

The delegate should at the completion of this session, have an in depth understanding and knowledge of a compliant whistle-blower practice, and should be able to provide guidance, and apply leading practices principles in his/her business environment. This on-line self paced module offers 3 three continuous professional development hours upon successful completion of the session.